Services We Offer

We’re a full service supply company providing our clients with a wide range of high quality products from trusted sources. All of the services and products we supply are produced in reputable factories and are backed by the Advanced Waterworks and Consulting ltd. Let us supply you with top notch service at a price you can afford.


If you or your company are in need of our landscaping services you’ve definitely come to the right place. Advanced Waterworks and Consulting ltd. has got everything you need to take care of your  requirements and will make sure you complete your project as soon as possible. We pride ourselves with the customer service we provide and guarantee you’ll love working with us.

Sprinkler System Installation

When it comes to our services you can count on Advanced Waterworks and Consulting ltd. to take care of your every need and guarantee your satisfaction in no time at all. We’re here to see to it that you receive only the best quality irrigation service on the market and will make sure to give you the support and advice you need regarding our work. Let us know how we can assist you today.

Water Features

You really won’t believe how simple doing business with us really is. The only thing we’ll be needing from you is your desire and inspiration, and we’ll take care of the rest. You can trust us to supply you with the best water features locally as well as our top quality services. Let us know what we can do for you today.

Landscape Lighting

When it comes to our work you can count on Advanced Waterworks and Consulting ltd. to take care of you and guarantee your happiness with our landscape lighting service. We install only the best quality products in the market and will make sure to give you the support and advice you need regarding maintenance.

Irrigation Winterizing

Every year, before the first freeze, the ritual of irrigation "blow out" becomes the priority for all irrigation systems that are in regions of the country where the frost level extends below the depth of the installed piping. 
Even if you have drained some water out of the system, the remaining water can freeze, expand and crack the PVC piping (rigid, white pipe), usually from fitting to fitting. Polyethylene pipe (flexible, black pipe) is used in many freezing climates. Although polyethylene pipe is more flexible and can expand under pressure, water left inside could freeze and rupture the pipe walls. Freezing water in the backflow assembly will damage the internal components and could possibly crack the brass body.
To minimize the risk of freeze damage to your irrigation system, you'll need to "winterize" your irrigation system.


Perimeter or backyard fencing can add value to your home. Besides providing an aesthetically pleasing environment, residential fencing also provides privacy and protection from external elements. Advanced Waterworks installs all types of fences including chain link, vinyl, wood, metal, and even ornamental fencing.



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